Monday, May 26, 2014

Crazy Colorado Weather

I think the dog is bored with me; I know that I certainly am. It is about day 11 of having bronchitis and pneumonia, thought I feel SO MUUUUCCCHHH better than I did a week ago. Last weekend I think I was awake for about 3 hours, total. I took some time off from school, but since it was finals week, I wanted to be in class. My principal wanted me to go home, but I wanted to say good-bye to the kids. The last day of testing it tomorrow. During this time Ellie has been in South Africa,so the dog was stuck with me. He was my black shadow, sleeping as much with me or by me as possible. And it has rained a ton, really.
The hail storms torn my lovely hostas to shreds, but I think they will recover. It rained and hailed for 3 more days. This time my dear husband protected some of the plants. Here's how they looked before the storm:

On Sunday night a funnel cloud touched down less than two miles from our house. The tornado sirens wailed for a long while and we took refuge in the basement. The cats were none too pleased about that.

Today Ellie returns home from Africa and we are so excited to see her, hear about the adventures and give her lots of hugs.

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