Friday, May 09, 2014

Paper Inspiration, Etsy Craft Party & Making Piece, Metaphorically

Ellie is going to South Africa in less than a week, so we needed to go shopping, of course. She is going on a photographic safari and she needed some clothing that would blend in while she is in the bush. Off to Cherry Creek Mall we went. I'm not a big shopper, but I enjoy seeing what Ellie will pick out to try on. What she selects often surprises me. I've mostly stopped trying to predict what she might be interested in a long time ago.

I also love seeing the displays in the stores. I am always amazed with that the folks Anthroplogie put up. Here's the current displays in the store.

It seems that butterflies are all the range this year. I could make something like this with my Cricut machine, and I might do so.

And oh my, the paper elephant was impressive.

I also loved the paper bird. It makes me wonder if it arrives in a box, already constructed; I also want to know what they do once they are done with the display.

In the end we did not actually take much home with us, but we had a good time together.

Ethan's ship has moved up to Coos Bay near North Bend in Oregon. He continues to have a wonderful time.

The crews on both ships took place in a ceremony that represented the sailors and the local indigenous tribes forge a peaceful agreement. The crews on the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain worked in the evening to make gifts of peace, including batches of cookies and handcrafted leather goods.

A representative from Grays Historic Ports brought cedar boughs to attach to the front of each ship. This symbolized that they are coming into port to in an effort to offer peace. The representatives of the local tribes rowed in with long boards, trading drums, jewelry, etc.

Ethan has had some other fun, too. He got to tour a seafaring tugboat. They will head out to Hawaii soon. Those crews sail for 6 weeks, then have 6 weeks off and alternate from there. Those sailors get around $60 a year. They told Ethan to visit them once he is looking for another job.

Ethan also got a chance to do a bit of welding. He borrowed tools from a shop near the port they are in to make a new thing for the cooktop on the boat. The object he is making is intended to help keep the pots and pans on the stove while the ship is traveling and experiencing heavy weather. The shop manager was impressed with how Ethan took care of their tools and the quality of his work. The manager suggested that Ethan could come back once he was looking for a new job.

On Wednesday I went to Two Hands Paperie to work on some decorations for a baby shower my colleagues and I are hosting. Casey told me about the upcomeing Etsy Sponsored Craft Party on June 6th. The theme this year is altered photographs. Here's what is going on at Two Hands.
When: Friday, June 6th
6:00-6:30 - Lemonade meet and greet
6:30-8:30 - Craft Party!

Where: Two Hands Paperie at 803 Pearl Street, Boulder Colorado
What we're doing: This year's focus is altered photographs. We'll set up a variety of stations where you can see samples and demonstrations of how to alter your original photo into new works of art.
Stations will include embroidery, painting and stencils, collage, and encaustic! Each participant can alter their photo and then add encaustic (melted wax) to their artwork. Encaustic adds a beautiful, translucent layer to your work and your first encaustic piece is free! (Additional encaustic boards are available for purchase if you want to transform all your altered pieces into encaustic works.)

What to bring: 3-6 photographs, copies of photographs, photographic postcards, or what whatever 2D image tickles your fancy to alter. If you'd like to bring your own supplies, you are welcome to do so, but all materials will be provided for the event.

Why come: We've found connecting with your creative neighbors is fun and brings a positive, fresh wind into your art making habits. This event brings together art and craft lovers from the area to celebrate our love of handmade.
Of course, there's also food and prizes. (EVERY person will get a gift from Two Hands Paperie and be entered into the raffle for some cool swag!) And just like all our events, enjoy 15% off your entire in-store purchase during the craft party.

If you live near Boulder or Denver, CO, think about joining in. If you live in another another state, you can use the link to find a craft party in your area.
(Etsy Craft party)

Finally, here are a few videos to enjoy. Happy Friday!

I love the Nike ads. Here are a few that I like:

And a little monster love:

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