Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alameda International High School Graduation 2014

Today was graduation for the students at my school.

Even though I've been to 20+ graduations for students that I have taught, I still enjoy it.

I look for my kids (the ones I had in class) in the mass of students in graduation gowns.

I cheer for them as they receive their diplomas.

I wait back stage to congratulate them one more time. Sometimes we even take photos. I love how they are as happy to have their picture taken with me on their phones as I am to have photos of them that I will post in my classroom.

Here you can see some of the diverse beauty at my school.

During the afternoon I worked on gathering the data for my Educator Effectiveness Goal and I am happy to tell you that I exceeded it by a large margin. That is a relief.

That was followed by a rain, hail and thunderstorm. Remmie and I enjoyed it from outside. I tried to take a nap after it ended but was not successful. I am thankful that the year is nearly over as I am exhausted. I also happen to have bronchitis and a touch of pneumonia.I just have to hang on for a few more days with the students. I see each class two more times. And then there are those 80+ essays that need grading...

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