Tuesday, December 02, 2014

December Daily 2 ~ Ellie Loves Wrapping Presents (Thank Heavens!)

{Thanks to Ellie for revamping my blog and making it look festive! What a lucky mom I am to have such a wonderful, talented and loving daughter.}

One of the joys of my season is watching my daughter's joy in wrapping presents. I love to see the magic that she works. You see, even though I am an artist and I LOVE making things with paper, I seem to have small notch missing in my paper-loving gene as I do not enjoy wrapping presents. It simply does not make any sense. However, Ellie makes up for both of us. She spends time at Sam's club mulling over which rolls of wired ribbon to buy, she scans the isles at Target for the best Christmas wrap. This year I was clever and purchased it as soon as she told me about it. Last year I waited a few days and missed out of one of the ones she would have loved to have to wrap presents. Here, let me show you her magic:

I also spent part of my evening picking up a few things that I need to make a few handmade presents I have planned. Remmie was happy to ride along. I also spent part of the evening looking at December Daily pins in Pinterest. I think it is really fun to see what other people pin. It helps me get more ideas. Last year one of the scapbook companies put out a series of numbers for the project. I was hoping that it was happening again this year, but it was not, so I pinned some images that I will use to make the numbers myself.

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goldenfosters said...

Wow!!! She's amazing! I need to learn how to tie bows like that! Love You Tam:)!