Sunday, December 07, 2014

December Daily 6 & 7 ~ A Tiny Village

Although there were many holiday kinds of events and happenings going on this weekend, my weekend was pretty low key. Larr and I took over taking care of Grandpa Don on Saturday so that Ellie and Ethan could have some time together. I hung out with him during the day and worked on my Christmas presents. (I would love to show them to you, but then that might wreck the surprise, so I will not actually post them until after they are opened.) In the evening I made dinner for Grandpa Don, Ethan and Kohlton. Ellie spent the evening with Christy, exchanging Christmas presents.

On Sunday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cooking. I asked Ellie to put up the tiny village. I wanted to see how she would configure it. She had it on its usual place on the bookshelf, but decided that the size ratio was too small, so she moved it to the china cabinet on the opposite wall and that was just the ticket for making it look great. I knew she would come up with something wonderful and I was excited to see how she would do it differently than I do. I love the fact that our visions and artistic styles are so different.

My mother gave me the Jim Brickman "Christmas Romance" CD as a pre-Christmas present. It is nice, calm music and it puts Remmie to sleep right away. That part of it was kind of funny. There is an entire playlist on You can access it by clicking on the title above.

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