Wednesday, December 03, 2014

December Daily 3 ~ Decorating the Tree

Today Ellie, Kohlton and I met after school to pick out a Christmas tree. We spent the evening listening to holiday music and putting up the tree. Ellie is in charge of the show this year and so we have a whole new color scheme - red, green and white, instead of our usual blue or multi-color. It is nice to have a change. It is fun to see her style light up the season.
After picking out a tree, Ellie gave me the first gift of the season - a sweet wooden yak from Crate and Barrel. She wrapped it in hand drawn wrapping. The presentation was as much of a gift as what was inside of the box. She even made hand-colored confetti for the inside of the box.

I will miss having our tree in our big room, like we have done each year since we added the addition, but I think we will bring in the holiday cheer in that part of the house by putting up light, garland and our traditional, sentimental ornaments. I think it will look great. I may even have luck finding a silver tinsel tree. When I was a kid I had one that I set up in the basement. It even had a fancy light with a revolving color wheel that made it turn different colors. I've been looking for one for years. I've seen a few in some local retail shops, so I have hope that they may be making a come back.

It is finally beginning to feel like Christmas around here! Even the kitties are getting into the holiday action. Remmie, on the other hand, is feeling a bit confused and jealous. I think he will need a bit of extra snuggling some time soon.

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