Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Colorado Blue Sky, Rolling Rivers and Meadow Creek B & B

Larr started off our spring break with a surprise trip to stay at the Meadow Creek Bed & Breakfast in Pine. It was one of our favorite places to go before we had the kids, and so it was fun to go back. We just wanted a place to relax.
It was built by an Italian prince who lived in Denver. It was their summer home that allowed them to get away from the heat of the summer. We stayed in the Rose room, the very same room we stayed in before.

On Saturday we went out for a drive, starting out along the Platte river where the rocks are so beautiful. The snow has not started melting yet, so the water was still pretty calm.
every time I see rocks in the river, like these, I imagine what it must have been like when they rolled off of the mountain and into the water. I wonder, did they all come off at one, big, thunderous time? Did they break off one by one? Was anything crushed in its pathway?

Just a short bit away, but at a higher elevation, we tried to go up over Guanella pass. The river there is still much more like winter. The snow is dirty from the construction on the road. We could not get very far because we were not in a four wheel drive vehicle with high clearance. I think Larr was disappointed that we could not go very far.
When we returned to the B&B, we relaxed in the hot tub and had a quiet evening by ourselves on Sunday night. Larr caught up on the newspaper and I finished reading a book about transparent watercolor.
I also loved petting Kelly Ann, the resident dog. She has such a sweet, calm manner and such welcoming eyes.
We had a nice breakfast the next morning and took the long way home over Squaw Pass, one of Larr's favorite roads as the views are so wonderful.
We returned on Monday, midday, ready to take on some of the projects that we have been putting off. During our absence, Ethan scrubbed the grout and the kitchen floor. That was a very welcome surprise. Remmie was happy to see me return. He was missing me. Ellie and Kohlton are on a road trip of their own, so Ethan and Remmie had some bonding time. Ethan is trying to win Remmie over. Remmie is giving it some thought, though once Ellie returns, we return to being "background music" as Ellie is the one Remmie lives for.

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