Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunshine & Nice Weather = Dog Park Fun!

A week ago the event that I was going to go to was cancelled due to a snow storm that was moving in. This week is it all sunshine and beautiful weather. After so much snow, the people and dogs were all ready to get outside.
This past weekend Ellie and Kohlton took the dogs to Remmie's favorite dog park, the one in Golden that is like a wild forest, complete with a stream and snowmelt puddles. Remmie loves those. Bradley is not so sure.
Ellie tells me that Remmie would run and jump energetically into the puddles, some of which were around 6" deep. Bradley mostly stood at the edge. Sometimes he would go in the part that was just a few inches deep, but since he is a little dog, that was a pretty big deal. By the time they were done playing, or at least by the time they needed to go back home, both dogs were happy, tired and filthy. That meant that they both had baths that evening. I am sure that was not their favorite part of the day, but I am sure they felt that it was worth it.

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