Thursday, March 26, 2015

An Exciting Day of Possibilities and Artistic Efforts

Here we are, it is Thursday during spring break, already. I can't really complain. It has been an exciting day. Yesterday I learned from my friend Mia that there might be a chance to get a scholarship to attend a workshop at Anderson Ranch this summer. It is magic for artistic adult, kind of like Disneyland is for kids. I feel transported to another, magical world when I am there. I may also have a chance to teach a kids workshop during the summer of 2016, so I spent a portion of my day putting together an art related resume. I made a standard one, and an artsy one. I am a geek like that. Or wait, would that be nerdy instead of geeky? Whatever. They are done and sent off.

It between things, I have been spurred into action by two calls for art. One is a call for art that is related to Frida Kahlo. I want to make a multi-media encaustic. Here is the first step, picking images and drawing them.
I am not entirely sure I like both of them. Sometimes that happens because I look at them so closely as I am drawing. I wanted to get a response as to what others think, so I posted them on Facebook and asked for a response. So far everyone that commented likes both of them, and some like the one with the shawl, the one I am not sure I like, the best. It is funny how that goes. I have glued it to a board and will begin the encaustic process soon.

Ellie and Kolton are at the Grand Canyon today, day 5 (I think) of their spring break road trip. Here are a few photos from Sedona. Ellie says that I would love it there; it is like Aspen, but with more artsy shops. I may have to take a road trip of my own soon.

Larr and Ethan are off on their own short adventure in Buena Vista. And Remmie, he went full tilt at the dog park today and wore himself out. He is happily exhausted and nearly passed out in the backyard enjoying the sunny afternoon. It is a nice change from the moping around he has done for the last few days due to the fact that Ellie, his favorite human, is not here.

Okay, well the iron is heating, wax is melting and I am off to do more art. Here's to good day to you, too.

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