Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Making Art at Two Hands

Every once in a while I get a chance to help make the art that graces the window at Two Hands. Last night was such an event. A group of volunteers gathered to help create paper shapes that artist. Before we started she demonstrated the trace monotype method that she used to create the shapes that we would be cutting out. (Click here for information about her workshops.) Jennifer Ghormley will use in the installation.
During our recent storms Jennifer, who is trained as a printer, created each of the images that we cut out, folded and glued. I would imagine that she created around 650 of the shapes.
I started out cutting and folding. Eventually all of us were gluing. The cones kept their shape with the help of paper clips that were removed after about 10 minutes. It was fun to talk about and imagine how Jennifer will install these. She is not even entirely sure herself. She says that her ideas evolve over the entire time from initial idea and the finished installation.
I am thankful for the opportunities that I am given to be part of such events. When I am there, making stuff, I forget about the stresses of home and work life. Sometimes I imagine what my life would be like if I were a professional artist instead of a teacher. Jennifer is happy, but her life is very simple. She lives in tiny spaces, sleeps on a futon, does not own a couch or enough furniture to allow her to have her friends over to her. However, she does have a press. Everything she owns can fit into her vehicle. I admire her dedication to her art. I am not sure that I would have that kind of dedication. Still, it is a fun idea to think about. I love that it brings her joy. She says that she is very low maintenance; I think that is a gift.
She makes her living selling her art at shows and events. I am excited to see what the installation will look like.

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