Thursday, March 19, 2015

Home Sick, Creative Bug and a Little of the Want Whinies

After an inspiring day at work on Tuesday, in which I took part in Instructional Rounds where I observed a variety of other teachers teaching the Close Reading strategy, I came home ill and unable to go to work for the last two days. After running a fever, puking, etc., I decided to take a few sick days. It ended up being a very good thing for me. I slept in. I lay in bed and listened to the birds as they went about their day chirping and singing to each other. I had time to take naps and enjoy looking at the newest Crate and Barrel catalog. This evening I am feeling better and am ready to return to work.

I also took a bit of time to work on adding materials to my "One Little Word" notebook, doing it in a leisurely manner. This was good because I have wanted to add to it for a while and because I could do it in a manner that was natural and not hurried. I am thankful for that opportunity.

I have also subscribed to Creative Bug and have started watching the videos for learning how to design fabric.

Here are a few things that I love from the new lines at Crate and Barrel:

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