Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Anderson Ranch - Photographer's Eye - Day One, a Humbling Experience

This week I am once again a such a lucky girl - I am at Anderson Ranch art center for a second time this summer, and I could not be more thrilled. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here, bask in the awesomeness of the place, soak in some more creative vibes and continue to figure out who I am from an artistic point of view. This week it is clear that I have a lot to learn, which is good, but also humbling.

On the first day we shared our portfolios. Just preparing for that was a big learning experience. I figured out that my photos are used to document what we are doing and to be used as an item in another piece of art. I decided that I wanted to learn how to create beautiful photographs. I want to move beyond my mom style photography to something more artistic.

On the first day we focused on light. I also focused on learning how to use the camera in manual mode, instead of alway just relying on the program settings. I shot 115 images, many of them at the dead of the night. I needed to edit it down to ten or less images for the class critique the next day and none of those made the cut. Here's what did make the cut:

I took pretty pictures, but they are not much more than that, and they are all visual cliches. However, by the time that we got to my pictures during the critique session, I already knew what they would say. The instructor was kind and encouraging. By the end of the session I had given myself a few new assignments for our afternoon shooting session in Aspen. Anderson Ranch strongly encourages you to take risks, to give your self permission to fail and pushes you to go outside of your comfort zone. So, encouraged, I set off intent to take photos of the kind I have not done before.

I ended up with 119 photos, many of them predictable, again, but some that I am happy with. I will share those tomorrow.

On the way back to The Ranch, we came upon a doe and her fawn on the walk way next to the river on the campus. They were so cute and it was a thrill for Christine, the professor from Boston, and Jesus, a scholarship student from Chicago, to get such a close up view. I took photo, not worrying whether they were artsy, or not.

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