Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Of Moose, Music and Flowers - Life is Good

I am happy to say that I am back to the land of the living and feeling so much better than I was earlier in the week. Ellie started her new job as a crew leader for the Jefferson County Open Space Trail Stewardship Team. She is happy to be back at work. On her first day there, a young moose showed up and hung out for a while, even taking a nap among the Aspen trees next to the Sheriff's office. It was very exciting.

On Tuesday they held orientation and Ellie was able to meet some of her crew members. She came home energized with excitement. It was wonderful to sit and let that joy soak in, listening as she recounted the events of that day. I spent part of that day with Natalie getting a deluxe pedicure, something I've only done twice. The ladies do a great job with my hobbit like feet and my dangerously sharp callouses on my heels. I feel so much better after those are tamed.

I took time this morning to snap a few pictures of our garden. All of the transplants from Eleanor's garden to ours are happy. Some of them are even blooming, something I had not expected to happen this year. The recent rain has made the garden lush and happy.

Today Larr and I are both working from home. I've not been very focused on the work I need to get done. Instead, I've flitted around cleaning off the counter in the kitchen, making lunch, doing laundry, making paper flowers for Friday's event and spending time with Larr. Although he is busy and has plenty to get done, he is still singing and whistling along to the Beatles. That means life is good. I love days like these.

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