Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bark & Splash Bash - Fun with Remmie and Doggie Dudes at the Pool

This past weekend one of the local pools opened up to allowing the dogs having a grand time (or not) in the water. Remmie and I were on our way to his favorite dog park when I passed by the pool. Remmie perked up and made me take notice. He works me like a machine, and so he made sure that I stopped. How could I say, "no" to that cute little furry face.

It took a bit of persuasion to get him into the baby pool. Emo, the German Shepherd, tempted him into the water and then it was all out fun.
We stayed until the last possible moment on Saturday and so we had to return on Sunday. This time Ellie joined us. She tried to get Remmie into the big pool. It was a no-go. No matter how or what she tried.
She tried the doggie gentle ramp. Nope!
When Emo was in the big pool we tried again. This time with a platform and a treat. It turned out that getting in was not worth a lovely, tasty dog biscuit.
Other dogs loved it. This small guy was on a personal quest to save every single ball in the pool, but people kept throwing them back in. He got to the point where he was shaking, but he was on a mission to save all those balls!
However, if you wanted to throw balls, this tireless guy was happy to help you out. He would chase them all day.
Remmie had such a good time that he did not even seem to mind having to take a bath at the end of each playdate.

Writing this post is a fun way to celebrate National Dog Day!


And now for a little silly adult fun:

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