Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Paper Flowers for Missa's and Sean's Wedding Reception

Our friends, Missa and Sean are getting married. Missa is Christy's big sister and she loved the party Ellie put on to celebrate Christy's 18th birthday so she and Sean asked Ellie to be in charge of decorations for their wedding reception BBQ. It is a casual event happening later this week. They are actually getting married next weekend, but the wedding venue is so small that only family can attend that event. This opportunity is exciting for Ellie. I volunteered to make some decorations to make it more festive and wedding like. I decided to make some paper flowers. The challenge was finding the right colors and making them look like wedding colors, instead of Broncos (our local professional football team) colors.
I started out making large flowers from tissue paper, the same stuff used in gift bags. I was inspired by some of the really fun displays I'd seen on Pinterst. I love the fullness of these flowers. I love the variety in this arch of paper flowers. And then I saw these. I knew that I needed to make some paper peonies. I pulled out my paper flower book that I had been given for Christmas, and consulted this website before getting started. Then I ran into a snag. I could only find a few colors in the heavy weight crepe paper that I needed, so I bought some white crepe paper and a few cans of spray paint. I was worried that the paint would cancel out the best qualities of the crepe, but it did not. So, I was in business. I spent two evenings making paper flowers while I watched the last two Harry Potter movies and then some other randon and interesting videos. I really got into making the flowers. I am hoping to find time to make more of them.
Moxy approves of the flowers and it is kind of fun to have a table of colorful flowers.

My only real challenge is trying to figure out how many I should actually make. Ellie likes them all and will use as many as I create.

I'm happy to be part of making a dream come true.

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