Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dinner at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

After the race on Saturday, Ellie went with Kohlton, Mark and Martine to spend the rest of the weekend in Nederland. Larr and I decided to do a quick overnight trip to Estes Park so that we could take our time going through the Rocky Mountain National Park. Grandpa Don wished us a happy road trip and offered to pay for a nice dinner somewhere. He recommended the Cascades Rest. inside of the Stanley Hotel. So, we booked a room at a motel, packed our stuff, got the dog and we were on our merry way very quickly.

The Stanley is a famous, historic hotel. "The Shining" and "Dumb and Dumber" were filmed on location at the hotel. That is why Larr has his face stuck through a door.
Larr ordered the trout dip with New York Flatbread crackers; it was wonderful.
House Smoked Colorado Trout Dip
sesame crackers, pickled green beans & charred lemon
Local and Artisanal Charcuterie Board - artisanal salamis, fine cheeses, house-made cranberry chutney & berry balsamic mustard.

This is something Ethan would love, so I am going to serve something similar when he comes home next month.

Rib eye Steak & Crispy Brussels Sprouts- red chili flakes, fresh garlic, olive oil - amazing and enough to feed me for breakfast and lunch the next day.

Larr enjoyed the Blackberry Cheesecake made with Haystack Goat cheese, local blackberries and a oatmeal streusel topping.It was very tasty. I had a simple rootbeer float and it was just right for me.

After dinner we checked out the grounds and found that they have a live butterfly display in the basement.
The next morning we had a mediocre breakfast at a cafe. It turns out that breakfast at The Stanley would have been the same or a slightly lower cost. Next time, I am going to remember that and have breakfast at the Stanley. Then we visited the park. Remmie had fun, too.

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