Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Hit and Run 5k

Despite the fact that Ellie's jaw still hurts and she can't open her mouth enough to each much of anything beyond things like yogurt and jello, my girl and Kohlton took on the "Hit and Run 5K" on Saturday. They had been looking forward to it so much that she did not want to miss it. She took it a bit easier than she usually would, but they still finished in under an hour and had a lot of fun. Crazy kids!

There were five different stations, each challenge involved large blown up things and water.
The organizers did a good job. The runners were set on the course in waves and so there were no really big lines to slow people down.

On the first one you had to run up the stairs and go across this balance beam type of thing while water was squirting you. If you lost your balance you simply slid down the side. I think some people did that on purpose. Then you went down the other stairs and on your merry way.
Then they ran for a while and went through an obstacle that involved walls with small doors that would surprise you all while there was water and people throwing dodge balls at you. Ellie skipped this one in the name of safety. I did not make it to that station, so there are not pictures, but it is included in the promotional video that I linked at the bottom of this posting.

At the next station you climbed the stairs again so that you could hurl yourself onto large inflated balls. The operators had Ellie go in the shoot next to Kohlton's, and I missed her bit. Kohlton bounced oddly and hurt his back a bit, but kept on going.

Then they ran around the stadium and back up to the other side to go through this obstacle.
It was difficult to photograph, but fun to do.

The last station involved large balls going round and round, while you tried to run across a blown up plank as a volunteer is throwing buckets of water at everyone. Many people said it was their favorite station. Many people did that one more than once.
Mark (Kohlton's dad) and Martine came along, too.

The finish was not far away. At the end everyone was hot and thirsty so they provided unlimited amounts of Core Power. Ellie and Kohlton both like the vanilla the best. We finished up the afternoon with a quick lunch. Then they went to Nederland, where Mark, Martine and Kohlton live. On the way they stopped to pick up the truck that Kohlton bought. Soon he will be driving, too.

I was impressed that there were all kinds of people taking part in this event, not just the super fit young folk like we see at some of these events. I might consider doing next year.

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