Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wisdom Teeth Debacle

Ellie was scheduled to get two of her wisdom teeth out on Monday as her other teeth needed more room. Sadly, it was a total debacle. It seems that the teeth were not really ready to be removed. One came out without its roots and the other is still too attached to come out.
As a result, Ellie is and has been in some serious pain. She bleed for about 8 or 9 hours. She cried for about the same amount of time. She had a hard time swallowing and she was so hungry since she was not able to eat the day of the removal.
Since it was the first week back to school, I could not be home with her the entire time. Thankfully, Kohlton was ready and eager to help Ellie and offer comfort. (I am currently short on time so I will tell you about this later.) Remmie made sure that he was with her once she was home and he made sure she was safe and uninterrupted. If you talked to loudly, came into the room too quickly, moved too quickly, looked like you might want to poke her, you got a stern, serious barking to. Remmie meant business. I eventually had to come home and do my work from the living room so that I could be available, too.

(I have to complete this post soon - I have a work deadline to meet.)

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