Friday, August 08, 2008

Back to School & Lucci the Baby Squirrel

I had to go back to school (work) on Thursday. Ethan and Ellie were sad for me. Ethan kept telling me how sorry he was that I had to go to work. I told him it is okay. At least I have a job I like and find interesting. The year is a bit scary as the curriculum that I teach has changed. Nothing like teaching all new courses!

On another, sweeter note, I wanted to share photos of Lucci. Last Saturday our neighbors were working in their yard when they heard a thump. When they investigated they found a four day old squirrel kit. It seems that she either squirmed out or was pushed. It seems that other squirrels will push the litter mates out so that they can have more food and space. Other times the father kicks them out so that he can mate with the mother squirrel some more. Either way, there she was. She had no fur on her hips, her eyes were closed and she was very weak. James knew just what to do since he has rescued three others. He and Midge are nursing the cute little thing to health. I love to hold her. She wraps her little paws around my finger and makes sweet noises. I happen to be a very hot person and she seems to enjoy the warm that my hand exudes.

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