Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Maxwell Falls Trail in Evergreen

This past Sunday Ellie and I went with Larr and the Suters to climb. Or rather, Larr, Ellie and Andreas were going to climb. Laura, Davis and I went to watch as well as picnic. It was a new route to get to a climbing spot the guys had been to, or so they thought. It turned out that it was a new set of rocks and climbs. The trail was beautiful. I am sure it could turn a grumpy day into a good one - how could it not - it was that amazing. For the first part of the way we followed a babbling, skipping brook as it meandered its way through a wooded part of the park. You could easily imagine running into a fairy, sprite or unicorn there. I always appreciate it when Larr finds a hiking spot for us that includes water. The photo I have included today shows my favorite part of the walk. The rocks and their placement almost look man made. I would have loved to sit by the waterfall to paint, knit, read, eat, or some other leisurely activity. A bit farther down the trail we headed up to a rock out cropping. The forecast for the day was not a promising one and I think we all felt a little like we were taking part in a secret race against the weather. What we thought would be a five minute walk really became a 30 minute walk. We got all set up. The ropes were put out, the gear was put on and the picnic laid out. Ellie decided to not top rope (Going from the top down, over the edge) so she came down to sit with us. Larr gave it a good tried, but did not get too far. Just as Andreas mounted the rock there was a soft muffling sound of rain. By the time he was a few feet up on the rock the droplets turned into sassy, fat plops of rain. Andreas kept going as far as he could, slippery rock and all. Davis gallantly stood over Laura and the dog to shield them while they enjoyed watching Andreas climb. Ellie and I search for spots next to the rock where we could stay dry. It all reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Ellie and Larr are reading it together. I nearly expected to see a few of the creatures from the story hurry by. Once it was clear that the rain was not going to stop any time soon we packed up and headed back. Ellie and I were soaked to the skin. The rain was so heavy that I had to take off my glasses to see. I have not needed to do that in many years. It is a wild experience. I would have liked to have better weather, but I am also thankful for the moisture it brought to the mountains. Perhaps it will stave off a forest fire and help the plants thrive.

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