Friday, August 29, 2008

Suddenly Baby Squirrels in Need Arise

Lately baby squirrels have been a minor theme passing through my life. I don't know if I just didn't notice them before, or if more baby squirrels are in need this year than before, but I am taking notice now.I am sorry to say that the sweet baby that I showed you a while back did not make it. She seemed to be doing better, but then she seemed to either have a seizure or a heart event. In one day she went from vibrant and curious to lethargic and apathetic. She went from demanding to be feed as often as possible to not eating anything. Midge tried to nurse her back to health but the baby girl squirrel died. Midge and James were so sad. They had already drawn up plan for her cage and how to release her in the spring.

On Tuesday my friend Judy's dog, Dinky, was going NUTS in her backyard. When she went out there she found the larger baby squirrel you see in these photos. Being an animal lover, she scooped him up to feed him and warm him up. After doing research she planned to try and reunited the baby with its mother, only the mother appears to be gone or dead. She brought the sweet creature with her to school. The kids loved it and wanted it to be a school mascot. I knew that Judy did not have room in her life for another thing so I hooked her up with James and Midge. They were thrilled to have a chance at raising this little guy. (He is most likely about 3-4 weeks old and has a good chance at surviving.) When I went to talk with them about it I found out that they already had the smaller one pictured. James thinks he was either pushed out of the nest or the nest was attacked. It is most likely less than a week old. It will be a wild and furry time at their house. I am happy to have a chance to see them grow but not have to take care of them myself.

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