Sunday, August 03, 2008

Honey Greek Yogurt with Crean & Sweetened Fruit Parfait Recipe Cards

I've been reading Tessa Kiro's cookbook, Apples for Jam. I heard about it on several other blogs. It is much larger than I had expected and we love all of the recipes that I have made from it. I have adapted many of them to suit my own needs and my family's taste. Here is the latest of these. On Thursday I had lunch with my girlfriends, on of whom is trying to eat as if she had diabetes. I wanted to try and honor that so I looked for a fun dessert that was sans wheat and refined sugar. Here's what I came up with - Honey Greek Yogurt with Cream and Sweetened Fruit topped with Pistachios Parfaits. It was really quite a hit! If you don't like yogurt or have not tried Greek yogurt it is worth you time to give it a go. This dessert is creamy and satisfying. Best of all I don't think you could tell that I was trying to work with specific guidelines. I used Agave Nectar because it is not a processed sugar. You could use regular sugar and have fine results, too.

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