Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Word Clouds - A Really Fun Link

My good friend, Jani, who is a computer teacher at my school introduced me to a very cool website where you can create really neat word clouds. You can access it at wordle.net. I like it so much that I have incorporated it into an introductory assignment I have my students do so that I can get to know them as a person, instead of just as a student.

Here are the tips I have figured out:

Wordle Tips:
If you want a word to be larger than the rest type it several times. For example, if you type your name four times it will be much larger than the other words. The words that are kind of important could be typed out two or three times to make them slightly bigger.

If you want to keep a set of words/phrases together be sure to place a ~ between the words. The program will read this as a linking space. The ~ will not show up on your word cloud.

You can change up the colors by selecting Color>Edit Color Paletter> Click on the squares to pull up a color palette. Pick four colors and they will be inserted.

You can have a fun time by selecting Randomize from the bottom of the screen. The program will select new fonts and positions. Be aware that by doing this you cannot go back to a previous version of the word cloud.

If you decide to save something in the gallery be sure that you do not use your full name or publish anything that should not be available to anyone who accesses the internet!

Have fun! Check Out the Gallery for interesting ideas!

Go, visit, give it a spin and have fun!

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