Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chasing the Tails of Summer and Eye Candy for the Food Lover

Some of the fun from reading other people's blog is seeing what links they have on their sidebars.(As much as I love them, I have not updated my own in a while.)Anyhow, I came across an amazing one, Foodgawker on another blog. I think it might have been on the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman blog (wonderful blog by a really fun woman. Lately my life has been such that I have not had time to cook much. It has been rudimentary stuff like homemade burritos made in huge batches and frozen or a quick spiffed up tuna salad that my family thinks is magic. My own bags from Mountain Bike camp are still in the middle of the kitchen. I simply have not been home long enough to deal with them. So I digress again, anyhow, Foodgawker both fuels my fire to want to cook and it lets me wait a bit. If you like to cook, or at least appreciate pretty food presentation, you have got to check it out. This weekend we are off to the Fall Hammer In for a weekend of Blacksmithing so cooking in my own kitchen will have to wait.

If you read my blog often you will see that we are very busy folk. Right now we seem to be extra busy. I feel like we are chasing the tails of summer as we can see fall creeping in. We could smell it in the air when we went for a hike at South Park near Ken Caryl. You catch glimpses of it in the early morning as it nips you when you wake next to the open window. Mother Nature showed up her whims last Saturday when we had all four seasons in one day. Summer is still here for a while, but fall is visiting, too. So we hike as often as possible. We seem to have big plans for every weekend. That is just how it goes. We try to wring as much as we can out of each season.

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