Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cyclocross Season Finally Begins

We love cyclocross season.It is kind of like off roading on your bike. The course today was full of bumps and a few tight turns accented by tufts of mowed down wild grasses. There was also a stint through a dried up dam of some sort. As tough as those sound, I think the toughest part might have been the thick, wet grass on the football field. I was very proud of how well my kids performed. Ethan came in fourth place after racing on a flat for the last 20 minutes of the race. (He was out there for about 26 minutes). If we had a set of spare wheels this could have been dealt with. I was not expecting this problem since we put Mr. Tuffy's Tire Liners and Slime filled tubes on his tires. But, technical issues are all part of the game. Ellie came in third. The finish was tight. She saved herself with a strong sprint at the end. It's good to be back to racing. As nice as it is to have weekends that are not dominated by races, it is fun to go. This weekend has been a nice mix. Yesterday Ethan and Ari went fishing in Kitteridge while Ellie, Anna, her mom, Laura, and I went fund raising for "Pedaling for Pennies." She is trying to raise enough money to win a nice winter team jacket and her team dues paid for a year. Each girl raised $86 and were happy that people were so generous.

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