Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Boy Turns 15 - Wait! Am I Old Enough to Have a 15 year old!?

It is humbling to think that my boy is 15 years old today. I simply don't feel old enough for that to be happening, nor am I ready for him to be that close to being adult who moves away. (This is on my mind as one of our young friends left home to move to Oregon on Tuesday) On the other hand, I am really proud of who he is. I know I am biased, but I see him as a really good, honest and loving person. Being a high school teacher I am so aware of how this road to adulthood can turn dark and murky. Many good kids get lost or led astray. I know, I specialize in working with those kids. Many of them find their way back, a bit battled and scared, but still good people who have a new lens through which they see the world. I know that you can be a wonderful, involved parent and still have your child lost in that muck. I know that many kids survive and thrive in spite of the awful parents they have. Kids are so magical that way.

I love and of proud of my son because he is such a good person who has made great choices so far. He is honest, when many his age are stealing and dealing. He is trying to live an active and healthy life. He has given up soda (okay, well, most days he has) while others his age are trying to give up drinking and drugs. He honors and respects his friends, what they bring into his life and how they enjoy what he offers. He honors and respects his family. He still enjoys spending time with us and is not embarrassed to be seen with us in public, while many of the kids his age act like they spontaneously arrived on Earth without parents. I love how he loves his pets. How he makes toys for the cats, loves on his dog and helps injured animals. I love how creative and thoughtful he is. He has such a rich imagination that he can describe his ideas, inventions and stories in vivid detail.This is not to say that he does not have his bad side, because believe me, he does. He can be moody and bossy, but what would the teen years be without a little angst? I have loving excitement and anticipation to see what he will be come - that (not so little any more) man of mine.

Happy Birthday, My fine young man.
A side note about Ellie. I know that many of these recent posts have just been about Ethan. Ellie is around and largely hanging low. She has taken her turn at being ill for about a week. She recovered just in time to cash in the Water World pass she won at the library. But wait, I will tell that story soon, maybe even tomorrow.

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