Monday, September 15, 2008

Pedaling For Pennies - a Benefit Ride Completed

I am proud of my little (okay, not so little) cherubs. Saturday was Pedaling For Pennies. It is fundraiser for the team. It benefits our team, junior cycling in Colorado and research to help limit Childhood Diabetes. The kids asked people to pledge money for the number of miles they road in the benefit. Ethan completed the entire 128 miles, coming in two hours faster than the year before. This year he didn't even look all that tired, though he had a serious case of hat hair! Ellie's group managed 113 miles since road repairs got underway on the course. If there had been more time they might have made a detour, but the end time was looming and so they got picked up. The girls were happy with how far they made it. Last year they only did 67 miles. (Yeah, look at me, "they ONLY did 67 miles," that is some serious mileage, too.) I am so proud of how well they did. They are now going to collect the money they earned. If they can raise $1,000 between the two of them we will get team fees paid for a year, and a special Blacksheep Cycling Limited Edition jacket to boot.

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