Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Squirrel Update - or- Hey, Is that a Squirrel on Your Head?

If you follow my blog you will know that my neighbors are raising two baby squirrels that had fallen(or perhaps were pushed or plucked out by a nasty, mean magpie) out of their nests. You can read about it and see the before photos in this posting. Now, much to our collective amazement, both are thriving. We love to go see,hold and feed them. The smaller one is such a champ. He has grown fur and opened his eyes. His little face is so sweet. His eyes are that same blurry blue-black color of a new human baby. He likes being able to see. It makes eating so much easier. He likes to snuggle in my hands since they are so warm. Then he crawls up into my hair and that is where he is happiest. He cuddles in, making a grunty purring like noise of contentment. He is at the stage where he eats, sleeps and goes to the bathroom. Growing up is such big business.

The older one is a small brown and orange comedian. James and Midge build an imitation of a tree (made from various branches they cut from their trees) that hangs from the ceiling. His nest is made from an old, wool purse that is strung in the crook of two branches. One of his favorite games it to hide in his bed. He makes a small noise that seems to mean that you need to come near. If you poke your finger in there he will poke his head out. It seems that it is almost a squirrel version of "Hide & Seek." He loves his people. If you walk under the "tree" you must be ready to suddenly find a squirrel riding atop your head. Another fun game is to jump from your shoulder to the nearby coat rack. Who knew a squirrel would be so social?

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