Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Emergency Appendectomy

This week has been peppered with many unexpected events that have turned things on their head.

On Friday my hard drive crashed. I spent a few days being upset about losing my photos for I had not backed everything up recently. Dell sent out a new hard drive. On Sunday our computer whiz friend discovered that it was only a corrupt operating system error and that the data is still all safe. He has hooked it up an an external USB reader and now I can access everything. A technian visited yesterday and installed the new hard drive. I am in the process of putting everything back in its place. Let's hope I have learned my lesson about backing stuff up!

Today my husband was woken up by a lot of pain in his abdomen. As I write this he is in surgery having an emergency appendectomy. It is all very routine, but scary nonetheless. I am thankful for the diversions I have as I wait for his surgery to be complete.I am thankful that my son is old enough to drive and a good enough boy to make himself available to help in any way I might need him to help. Larr will stay at the hospital tonight and then come home tomorrow near noon. We will have Thanksgiving in the late afternoon. I thought about canceling it, but I've already prepped so much of the food that it would need to be cooked anyway. We will simply set him up in the recliner.

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