Thursday, November 10, 2011

Recent Racing

I've been remiss about posting recent biking pictures and results. Now that the sun goes down so early practices have been discontinued until mid spring. I like the new amount of scheduled time, but I think Ellie and I also miss the opportunities to hangout with our biking friends.Now we just see them when we happen to be at the same cyclocross race during the same part of the day.

On Oct. 29 competition was tough - nationals level - at the Colorado Cross Cup. These girls are gunning for good call-ups at nationals in Wisconsin in January.

Ellie was able to hold her own in that fast crowd. Stephen raced, too and Maxl came out to spend the day at the races. Being on crutches did not seem to slow him down much.
Photo by Mountain Moon Photography
The day had a deep seated nip in the air, but when the sun shone, it was glorious and beautiful - a wonderful day to live in Colorado. When the sun dipped behind the clouds the wind came into play, whipping leaves, papers and assorted spare items into the air to dance.
photo by Annette of Mountain Moon Photography.

There was a fun race, one where many folks race in costume, on Sunday. We usually really enjoy that one. However, Ellie was feeling a bit like she had a mild flu, so we stayed home and hung out, resting, instead.

Last Saturday she took to the bike again and raced in the icy mud. The School Yard CX races was brutal. Some of the young racers simply could not take it. One young girl got her brakes caked with mud within the first 100 feet. As tears began to flow, five racer dads descended upon her and became her race support crew, getting back into the game very quickly.
In some places the mud was tacky and thick. One boy threw his bike down the side of the hill in frustration. Another older boy ran into the pit with his bike on his shoulder. In his struggle with the mud the tire had been ripped from the wheel. Ellie prevailed, trading first place and second place with another girl in her category.
Close to the end in the last lap Ellie had a small crash and came in second. She seemed happy enough with those results.

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