Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween Night - Not Really a Fright! (Plus a Halloween Punch Recipe)

Ellie, Ariana, Maxl and Stephen had been planning to spend Halloween evening together for some time. They had planned to go trick-or-treating together and having fun. Then Maxl broke his ankle in a race and the plans changed. At first his ankle was very swollen, making it difficult for him to be mobile. The kids were faced with a choice of hanging out at his house watching movie and playing games or going trick-or-treating. They didn't even have to think about it. Maxl was way more important than free candy.

By the time Halloween came around Maxl's ankle did not hurt so much, so trick-or-treating was on. Ariana has to bow out at the last moment and could not join in the fun, but we had a blast.
Iris, Maxl's mother, made a fun Halloween punch in which she placed chunks of dry ice. As she scooped out the dry ice with a metal spoon, it sang out, vibrating happily in the scoop. It plopped into the punch and began bubbling away like something out of a production of "King Lear." We all thought that was great fun. The boys tried to suck in the fog it created and blow it out of their noses. It only made them giggle and cough. When they sucked in the fog it looked like a death eater from Harry Potter.
Iris also put out a bunch of German sweets that you can see on display in the photo above. She always has fun stuff to try.

I made a nice apple pie to enjoy later. Stephen's mother, Pam, joined in, too. She shared homemade pumpkin bread.

In the silliness of things the boys took one of Ellie's markers and wrote on her. Stephen asked, "Ellie, what are you?" "A nerd" she replied happily. Soon she bore the "nerd" tag in large, black letters on her forehead. Maxl could not resist and wrote "I heart Maxl" on the back of Ellie's neck, though he told her that it said, "Kick me!" One of the boys also supplied a pair of inked on vampire bites to round out the effect.

Once darkness fell the kids headed out to see what they could get. Stephen was funny in his too small Yoda costume. Looking at his mask and his neck makes me laugh. Maxl donned a silly mask and added hand gestures to go along with it. For good measure he added a fart machine (noise maker) to his treat bag. As they left each house he would "fart". Some of the guys replied, "I understand how you feel, man!" A few of the women seemed a bit embarrassed. The kids thought it was all great fun!

Halloween Punch

4 cups apple juice, chilled
4 cups pineapple juice, chilled
4 cups orange juice, chilled
2 liters ginger ale, chilled
2 quarts orange or pineapple sherbet


Combine juices in a punch bowl. Stir in ginger ale. Top with sherbet. Serve immediately.
Add pieces of dry ice directly to the punch to make it have a flowing fog appeal. (The dry ice effect lasts for about 5-7 minutes and does not change the taste of the punch.

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