Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November Arrives Cloaked in White

On Halloween evening I was thankful for the mild weather that allow the kids to have their fun without having to dress for the arctic. In Colorado Halloween can go either way. The adults think of the years where lovingly made costume creations were cloaked in layers of sweaters, parka, mismatch gloves and the first knit cap you could lay your paws on. When the night is so cold that the thin handle of your trick-or-treat pail feels like it is out for revenge. The kids are oblivious to such goings on. We send the kids out on their own, trusting that they would look out for each other, hoping that the wind would not whip tornadoes of leaves upon the cheery groups begging for the goods.

But soon enough Mother Nature let November slip out the door and into the night on quiet, padded cat's paws. November morn was quiet, but cradled a small promise of snow that evening. As October turned her coat tails to leave, the wind blew in, stirring up the leaves, hustling many of them down the street. We braced ourselves for cold rain during rush hour, but it waited until most of us were tucked in a home to begin the rain. It too started quietly enough, but soon changed its tune, with the rain drops turning chunky and chasing snow flakes. The rain eventually gave way to the snow that covered the night trees and roof tops with a few inches of graceful whiteness. We knew it was coming so we were prepared. The outdoor cat seemed to know it, too, as she kept asking for more dinner. Her bed lain in wait for her two houses down where she really lives, but she takes up residence in our back yard, sleeping under an overturned wheel barrow by the pond. Gone were the sounds of cracking branches that rang out with last week's storm. In its place was the gentle, soothing sound of snow brushing against the dry leaves that remain on our grape vines. The sky decided to match the mute white wonderland, not allowing blue to peak out of the horizon until late this afternoon.

I am thankful for the calm that comes with November. October was great fun, but also crazy busy. I will welcome more nights when I can put on my slippers and have a cozy evening a home.

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