Friday, November 18, 2011

Posters For Charity Events

This last month I've done a lot of graphic work for charity work.
This one is for the Live and Online Auctions we are hosting as a fund raiser for our tuition assistance fund. The online auction starts this evening, as does the live one. It will be a lot of fun!

This poster is for an event that my school does every year. The kids from the area schools make clay bowls. Teachers make huge crock pots of soup. We host the event at my school. People pay $5+ dollars to get a soup dinner and a ceramic bowl. All of the proceeds go to the local food bank. It is an important cause that is close to my heart as many of the kids I teach rely on the food bank to help them have something to eat.

This poster was for the End of the Season party and mountain biking season. That is Maris on his bike. His parents were thrilled that I featured him. Perhaps it feels a little bit like being well known or famous for a short while.

I enjoy having the opportunity to use my graphics skills for good.

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