Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An Ethan Update

Ethan called this evening good and bad news. He spoke to the ship's mate, telling him that he needed to know about when he should plan to go home so that he could buy a plane ticket. The ship's mate told Ethan that they think he is a good worker, that they like working with him and that they hope that he would consider staying on. They usually send two-weekers home so that they can get their affairs in order and rest up a bit. However, they see Ethan as an asset to the crew and they need him, so he will be staying on for some time. We are thrilled for him; it is what he was hoping for. We will miss him, but we look forward to hearing more about his new adventures. This week they are traveling down to San Fransisco. When he returns he will be a salt, I would imagine.

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