Sunday, February 02, 2014

Breakfast & Battles, Scrapbooking and Broncos

Today the Broncos played the Superbowl, and lost. I did not watch the game, but with a score like 43-8, it must have been pretty terrible. But, it was still fun to see Kass and Tucker sporting the hats that I made for them.

Ellie went to a Superbowl party with Kohlton and his father, Mark. That meant that Larr and I had a quiet day together. We spent part of the day enjoying the beautiful day while sunning on the couch like a couple of cats. I also had a chance to work on a bit of scrapbooking. I really should have been cleaning the craft room, but my sewing machine is in need of repair, so it would have been a bit sad to work in there since I designs for a new table runner for the table in the big room.
Scrapbooking is always a nice diversion from life. I was working on pages from 2012 and this reminded me of how much our life has changed since then. I am thankful for those days. (Here is a sampling of what I got done.)

Ethan called this evening to give us an update. He is incredibly tired, but also very happy. He has blisters on his hands; I imagine that it is pretty typical for a brand new sailor.

He tells me that they are awoken in the morning by Rosie the cook singing a nice song so that they can wake up quietly. Rose is a good cook, Ethan tells me. For breakfast this morning she made homemade blueberry muffins and a nice eggs dish. Lunch was homemade pizza. I think it is pretty impressive that Rose can make such wonderful food in a galley kitchen. I'm glad to know that Rose will be feeding my boy well.

This afternoon they took part in another battle. I thought that it was a mock battle, but I am wrong. The ship use real gun powder to shoot the cannons. This sends a blast of air and sound that has a specific tone, depending on what part of the ship that is hit. Today they won. I am sure a rematch is already scheduled.

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