Monday, February 24, 2014

Ellie and Kohlton - Wacky Quiz Results, Reddux + "Life is not a Marathon" (an inspirational video)

About 2 years ago, right around Ellie's 15th birthday, I spent an afternoon with Ellie and Kohlton asking silly interview questions. You can see those answers here. This evening those two thought it might be fun to have another go at those same questions:

Fill in the blank -

1. If I hadn't become E= (Kohlty’s girlfriend, K= a partner in a business) I might (E= not be awesome, K= be happy in my job.)

2. If I hadn't (E = gone to the animal shelter that day K = the trade show ), I might never have met (E= Remmie K= Willie Robertson (from Duck Commander & Duck Dynasty ).

3. My ability to (E= understanding people K= Sales ) is one of my greatest skills.

4. If asked, my family would say my greatest accomplishment is (E= being the best worker ever on the Jeffco Open Space Trail Stewardship crew, K= finishing my first mountain bike race).

5. I am sorry that I will never see (E= Grandma Eleanor & Reisha (our previous dog) K= Greta (his dog who has died ) again.

6. Going to (E = North Carolina, K= AVS ) taught me that (E= sunscreen does not work very well in the ocean, K= respecting other people’s values and opinions is very important).

Two by Two -

1. 2 everyday things you couldn't live without:
E= Kohlton’s hugs & my dog, Remmie
K= Ellie & my knife

2. 2 favorite songs:
E= “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, “THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT” by AWOLNation,
K= “The Storm I Ride” by Between Two Worlds, “Wake Me Up” by Avicii

3. 2 things I want to do before I die:
E= Visit Fiji & Drive a Lambroghini G at 200 miles per hour
K= Become full owner of BMK & Complete a Century (100 mile) mountain bike ride

4. 2 things I worry about:
E= Money & The Revolution
K= The future of BMK & The Revolution

5. 2 stores I shop at:
E= Cabela’s & Marshal’s
K= Feeder Frenzy Reptiles & Cabela’s

6. 2 things that scare you:
E= Of what sadness will do to me & buried alive
K= Spiders & Flying

7. 2 snack you could enjoy every day:
E= Smoothies & nacho Cheese Doritos
K= Ice Cream (Blue Bell Rocky Mountain Road) & Jamba Juice

8. 2 people I'd be lost without (excepting your family):
E= Kohlty
K= Ellie & Mayo (his best friend)

9. 2 nicknames I've been given:
E= Bug & Baboon
K= Kohlt & KiTTen

10. 2 places I want to go on vacation:
E= Madagascar & Panama
K= Nepal & Ireland

It's a Kid's World -

1. If I could have one superpower it would be
E= Flying
K= Telekinesis

2. What chore did you do last?
E= dishes
K= dishes

3. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
E =“Hunger Games: Catching Fire”
K= “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

4. What did you eat for lunch?
E= Crackers, Turkey and Apples
K= Crackers, Turkey and Apples

5. What is the nicest thing you've done lately for someone in your family?
E= I gave my mother an early Easter present that was wrapped beautifully
K= Helped my dad clean out the safe

6. What makes you mad?
E= Lies
K= my phone going off in rapid succession

7. What makes you happy?
E= Running (besides Kohlton, duh)
K= Bartering & getting more than I paid for (besides Ellie)

8. What do you like to drink?
E= Orange Juice
K= Cranberry, Orange Juice and milk

9. Websites you visit.
E = Pinterest & Tumblr
K = Davidson’s & You Tube

10. What would you like to learn to do?
E = to ride a lion
K= Skateboarding
E= draw people
K= to ride 100 miles

The Best and Worst -

1. The age in your life you have enjoyed the most so far:
E= 16
K= 17

2. The age that you've hated the most so far:
E= 14 or 15
K= 14 or 15

3. The best day of the week:
E= Saturday
K= Sunday

4. The best bands:
E = Volbeat & Led Zepplin
K = Volbeat & Iron Maiden

5. The worst day of the week:
E= Thursday
K= Friday

6. The worst thing you've done:
E= be mean to people that I love, specifically Kohlton
K= lie about stuff to Ellie

7. The color that looks best on you:
E= Olive Drab Green
K= White

8. The color that looks the worst on you:
E= Pastel Orange
K= Yellow

9. Your favorite movie of all time:
E= “The Breakfast Club” or “Up” or “Slappy and the Stinkers”
K= “V for Vendetta”

10. The worst movie of all time:
E= “Spring Breakers”
K= “Sea Biscuit””

Here's a video that Larr found that is worth watching:

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