Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

As I drive, Ellie tells me about her memories of her childhood, one of which was a story about the excitement on holiday mornings, coming downstairs to see what I surprise I had in store for her. I was touched and thrilled to find that my efforts were special to her (and her brother, too.)That meant that she would not be too old for a surprise this Valentine's Day party. I also had a nice surprise for my husband. I think he was surprised the most, though when Ellie walked past the presents she was still half asleep and I think she thought the presents were just for her father.

For Ellie I had a hoodie that she had admired during a recent trip to Cabela's.

For Larr I picked out a tea kettle from Le Creuset tea kettle, though I am not certain that we will keep it. We would prefer one that is American made.

Ellie made a special card for Kohlton. He received his actual Valentine's day gift early.

Ellie had Kohlton over for the evening and we made heart shaped white pizza (alfredo sauce, fresh basil and mozzarella.) It seems amazing that in the two years since they began dating that we had not had that meal yet. He loved it; he is always thankful and complimentary of whatever food I prepare for him.

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