Friday, July 31, 2015

Jeffco Open Space Trail Stewardship Season - Ellie's Crew and Colleagues

The trail stewardship season ended with a fun picnic and a few prizes yesterday. I thought you might like seeing what it was like:

The crew leaders are in blue. The kids on the crews wear yellow. I've also included pictures of Chuck and Amanda, the supervisors for the program.

In the morning they would meet at the central office and then ride a bus to the work location. I am pretty sure that they only worked at White Ranch this year, which is unusual since they usually get to several parks in a season.

Ellie really enjoyed being a crew leader and was thrilled when one of the boys on her crew won the silver pick award, especially since only six kids win awards of this nature.
Ellie had fun and she also learned a lot. I would imagine that she would like to be a crew leader again, if she is not already employed doing something else next summer.

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