Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Santa Fe Cooking School, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum & Doorways and a Hollyhock Summer

Natalie and I have only had two full days in Santa Fe, but it feels longer and more magical. While we have done a ton of really fun stuff, as you will see, the most important thing has been the time we have to just be together, to talk, listen, reflect, support, encourage and to eat. All of that is even more magical than the beautiful city that we are in.

Here's just a glimpse of our Monday:

We took a Taco cooking class at the Santa Fe Cooking School. We made several kinds of taco fillings, salsa, corn tortillas and flour tortillas. We both loved it:
i purchased one of the round grills so that I could grill or roast my own chiles, and other things, at home. I want to come back again and take another class with the people in my family.

Once we left, it was threatening to rain. Happily, we were both interested in going to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. I love her art and I knew a bit about her, but I learned so much more. I think I am more interested in her as a person, than I am in her art:

And then we went shopping. I had a few things on my list of things I would like to bring home from Santa Fe. I wanted to find a sterling silver thunderbird with a small piece of turquoise, but that was almost impossible to find. The ones we did locate were all too large. I also wanted to buy myself a nice piece of jewelry, but I was not at all sure what I actually wanted since I don't wear much jewelry. (I am working on changing that kind of thing about myself.) Natalie did not really have anything she was looking for. She was just happy to be encouraging to me and enjoy our time together.
We returned to the hotel to drop off the stuff we purchased, refreshed a bit and then headed back out to find lovely things to photograph. It be came clear very quickly that we had a holyhock and doorway theme going:
We ended our evening with a really good, real New Mexican meal at Casa Chimayo. I had chile renellos, Christmas style (with red and green chile.)
As we excited, we discovered that the sky was a intense, magical color. I took this photo, which is not actually very good, that I think captures the beauty of the day we spent together. It was an entirely satisfying day.
Whew, what a lot of photos, and that is not even half of what we took. I hope you enjoyed them.

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