Sunday, July 05, 2015

Greetings From Santa Fe, New Mexico - Hotel Art

This evening I am writing this post as I sit in a really lovely room at the Drury Plaza Hotel in central Santa Fe. I am on a trip with my dear friend, Natalie. We have been talking and dreaming about going on a trip together ever since we were in college. Life was more complicated than I think either of us expected when we were in college, and so a cruise to celebrate her 40th, or any of the other trips we dreamed about, did not happen. Now we are set to make the most of our short time here.

It was a lovely, though stormy, drive down here. The clouds were simply amazing.
It was already the evening by the time we arrived. We had considered walking around a bit before going to dinner, but once we found out that the hotel offered drinks and "snacks" such as pasta, meatballs, baked potatoes, salad, nachos, etc., we decided to eat here and just relax. It was a good choice.

We were also both taken by the art that is on display throughout the hotel. I decided that you might enjoy it, too. (I do not have photoshop on this computer, so the photos are not edited or cropped - sorry about that.)

Tomorrow we will have breakfast at Tia Sophia's and then take in a Taco class at the Santa Fe Cooking School. (Here's the description of the class we are taking: When you make a taco, you are building your own meal by personalizing your filling, your salsa and your garnish. Come have fun with tacos in this hands-on class. Tacos will be prepared filled with potato, poblano chile and spinach, hot & smoky shrimp, chicken guacamole and tacos al Pastor, made with blue corn tortillas, flour tortillas and salsa fresca.)

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