Saturday, December 14, 2013

December Daily #13 ~ Working with My Hands, and a Few Tools

Christmas is drawing close and I am not at all ready. My house is still not completely decorated, our holiday cards are not sent out and I am still working on several presents. In fact, that is how I spent much of my day today - making presents. I started one, but it does not match what I have in my head, so I set it aside to work on another present. Making things with my hands is very satisfying and so far I am pleased with the second project I began today. I would love to share with you what I am making, but my girl reads my blog and my son might glance at it from time to time, so those projects are underwraps, at least for now.

I am also inspired by things that other people are making. I always love to see what Posie Gets Cozy is up to, and I feel especially drawn in by her gifts of chia in small glass jars with beautiful labels (which can be downloaded for free and printed). These are among the kinds of things I love. Her house is enchanting and I am amazed that she can get so much done with a baby in the house. Those days were wonderful, exhausting and made my heart swell.

I have Christmas music playing in the house and in my car. Perhaps I will step away from creating stuff to decorate a bit more. I just have to find someone taller than me (which is not at all difficult since I am a touring 5' 2") to help me finish up a few projects.

I hope you are finding peace, love and inspiration in your life, too.

"Little Drummer Boy" is one of my holiday favorites. Here are a very different versions of the song:

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