Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Daily #28 ~ Cocooning, A Sad Dog and Tammy's Home for Wayward Plants

Today Larr and I had what my mother-in-law would have referred to as a cocooning day. It is a day spent mostly at home, doing mostly relaxing things. Thus, you might find yourself cocooning in a blanket in the sunlight streaming through a window while reading a book.

I, on the other hand, spent much of the day at my computer. Most of the time I worked on scrapbooking pages from 2012; sometimes I met with design problems that were blocking my creativity, so I spent that time trying to organize my computer files. You see, my main drive is nearly full and I need to reduce the redundant files and move some of the less frequently used files to one of my back-up drives. It is involved and tedious, but important work. I would get bored of that and go back to scrapbooking. I am really trying to finish the 2012 book before the end of this break. I'm crossing my fingers on whether I can pull it off or not.

Since I was so busy Larr took Remmie for a walk instead of my taking him to the dog park. I thought it would be nice for both of them and while it was indeed nice, it did not fulfill Remmie's need for a bit of doggy play time. He is a very reasonable dog and he seems to understand that sometimes after I come home from a long, hard day at work, I do not have the energy to take him to the dog park. However, it seems that he has decided that if I am home all day then I most definitely need to (rather, have to) make time to take him to the dog park. He waited patiently and was a good dog. Once it started to get dark, he realized that we would not be going to the dog park- this made him very sad. He whined and then he cried, pitifully and loudly, and for a long time he sat by the back door with his furry little shoulders slumped, his face down and his smile droopy. If he could have, I am certain that he would have shed tears. I had no idea that he would be so upset. I promised him that we would be certain to go to the dog park tomorrow. I also got off of the computer and worked on Christmas cards while sitting on the couch. This made it possible for him to snuggle with me which improved his mood somewhat. A little later in the evening Ellie called from California and talked to Remmie on the phone. He was confused. He sniffed the phone trying to locate her, but he seemed cheered by hearing her voice. I am sure she will receive a very energetic greeting when she arrives back home in a few days.

Earlier in the day Remmie and I made a quick trip to Target in search of some coconut creamer. I came home with two amaryllis plants instead. I love them and usually forget to buy them around Thanksgiving to get them started on time for blooming around the holidays. Instead, I do like I did this year, I notice some poor, hopeful, eager plants that have managed to send sprouts out of the side of the box in search of light only to find that there is no such glory to be had in the big, artificially light box that we know as Target. It's after Christmas so they are on deep discount. This year I had to have two of them. (I was tempted to get more of them.) The pots are lovely and the flowers will be a radiant joy later on in January or early February. Right now the stems are at crazy angles, but I have prepared the soil and planted the bulbs, putting the on a happier journey. Tomorrow they will feel the warm glow of the sun on their greenery. And I will watch them work their magic over the cold month that is to come. I guess tomorrow will be a day for fixing hopes and fulfilling needs, even if they be of the canine and fauna variety.

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