Tuesday, December 03, 2013

December Daily #3 - Oh Christmas Tree...

This evening the long awaited and promised snow storm has begun. The snow is fluffy and artistic. Each one is a tiny work of art of crystal structures. As I drive home from the store the snow swirls around and the light streaming is glittered with the cold stuff. It was the perfect evening to get a Christmas tree.
We usually get a Fraiser Fern, but Ellie fell in love with a giant (most likely about 10") Grand Fir tree and so it followed us home, with a little help, of course. The fact that Kohlton could join us made it all the better. Larr is a bit of a humbug and does not care to take part in getting a tree and Ethan was still at work. This year our tree came from Home Depot. They thankfully made short work of our usual routine since one of the lot attendants trimmed provided a fresh cut on the trunk of the tree and then slipped it into an orange netting that made it oh so much easier to transport. On the way out the kids found packages of blue and silver ornaments that also needed to come home with us.
We turned on the holiday music and began to decorate. I did the blue LED lights and later Ellie added the tinsel garland. Kohlton placed the star and helped keep the dog entertained for a time. He and Ellie also took much pleasure in hanging the ornaments. I hung back and let them enjoy the process together. That was much more fun than hanging the ornaments. Slowly the other parts of the house are getting decorated, too.

All of this gets me into the Christmas mood. I am enjoying focusing on these elements of the holiday season. As I type this, it is late and the snow continues to fall, making a glistening, reflective blanket of white that will look like something from the movies in the morning. I hope that the Christmas season finds its way quietly into your heart, too.

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