Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Daily #20 ~ Christmas Break Begins

Yesterday was the last day of the fall semester and we were all so ready for the break. The day at work was easy and the evening was even better.
I had expected to spend the evening at home, possibly cleaning and reading. However, Natalie had other plans - fun ones.

She had a gap of time between commitments which gave us time to have dinner together and time to do a bit of shopping. The night was crisp, clear and the lights added a touch of magic. Natalie also gave us a gift for our family. I think it is lovely.
It was a special hot cocoa kit adorned with snowflakes, including one that came from the fabric snowflake from the German Holiday Market. It also included a lovely tag.
The art of the tag might find its way onto the bottom of my winter coat.
I hope that the magic of Christmas is finding its way to your home.

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