Friday, December 27, 2013

December Daily #26 ~ On The Road Again

In the quiet of the evening on Christmas day there was a lot of rustling going on at our house at the kids were getting ready for a road trip to beaches of California, just the two of them. It was both exciting and a little scary for me. After all, both of my babies will be on the trip together; I made them promise to be super careful. They had dreamed of doing something like this for so long and now it was about to happen. They left bright eyed and bushy tailed on Thursday morning.
I was pleased to find that some of the gifts that I made for my boy were being put to immediate use. This included the leather atlas cover (which is currently housing 4 atlases and a number of folded maps), his leather field notes cover and his cord bundle.
I found that I really enjoyed making things out of leather. I made the items from a bunch of chap leather that I purchased at the stock show many, many years ago. Ellie took along her cord bundle, too.

On Thursday the kids took a wrong turn and ended up in a part of New Mexico where they were not headed. That diversion cost them four hours, but it is an adventure, so that did not seem too upset. Last night they made their way to the Moki Dugway in Utah, setting up camp in the dark of the cold night. (Actually, I think they opted for sleeping in the car.) This morning they set off early again in good spirits. We've had phone contact with them a few times. They still sound great and happy. I think they will camp in California tonight.

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