Thursday, December 26, 2013

December Daily # 23 & #24~ Playing Catch - Up

Things got a bit busy, so I am a bit behind. My plan is to play catch-up in this post.

December Daily #23 ~ An Electrifying Time

Aaron and I have been working on a very special present for Ethan - a personalized poker set. I designed a logo, of sorts, for Ethan. He has always loved compass roses and traveling so I incorporated that idea into what you see here:
Then I researched poker sets and bought a vintage set from a man in town who creates poker sets for professional poker tournaments and casinos. He was wonderful about helping find, put together and afford a wonderful set for Ethan.
I then worked with Aaron to engrave that logo on every chip - all 500 of them.

I also had custom cards made for the set through Shutterfly. I am very pleased with how the whole set came out.

Earlier in the day I had taken Remmie to the dog park to play. All of the dogs were a bit crazy, just like toddlers. It seems that they could tell the holiday season was upon us.

December Daily #24 ~ O' Holy Night

We attended my mother's annual Christmas Eve party. We share a meal and she has stockings for everyone in the family. My mom always includes fun stuff in the stockings.
She and Aunt Kathy open the gifts that we gave them.
We also went to the church that I grew up with in my youth. It was wonderful to attend with my mom and aunt. They have a new, young minister who did a wonderful job.
The candlelight part of the service is my favorite. It connects me with the past and sets me ready for the future. It helps me set the stress and concerns of the day aside and fills me with light. I hope you have something in your life that does the same for you.

And a few last Christmas season videos, of course:

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