Saturday, December 28, 2013

December Daily #27: A Shift in the Weather

"Winds in the east, mist coming in, like something is brewing, about to begin..." (from "Saving Mr. Banks")

Yesterday was a fine, clear blue sky kind of day in Colorado. You could water the yard, take a walk and play with your dog in the park all without a coat on. And that is one of the things that we did - we took the dog to the Evergreen DOLA (dog off leash area) where he could run, play, bark and explore. It was a busy and productive day at the park. Larr and Remmie got in a bit of play in. This evening, however, there is a change. The dark clouds rolled in during the late afternoon and now the ground is dotted with snow. Ah the joys of weather in Colorado.
I also tried to relax a bit. I even managed to finish the book I was reading, which is both good and bad. It was nice to reach the end of this book, but now I have to wait for the last book in the series to be published and since it is still being actively written, it will be a while. I will miss her writing style - that is the bad end of that deal.

The kids spent yesterday driving and camped out in the Needles district of Canyonlands in Utah. They arrived after dark and set up camp in a wilderness area. They had a relaxing evening, pitched the tent and enjoyed a small camp fire. Their slumber was abruptly interrupted when some people began shooting around midnight. It caused Ethan to wake with a start. He woke up his sister and warned her to stay down. It took a while for him to figure out that they were shooting nearby and over them. Once that was all figured out they went back to sleep and drove into San Diego today. They had expected to spend much of the day on the beach, but soon found out that the coastal highway is slow and frustrating. They did eventually find their way to the beach and to the hotel room they had reserved before leaving. It was nearly 80 degrees where they are. I am happy to know that they will be sleeping somewhere clean, warm and safe tonight. Ethan says that hotel is nice and spacious. I'm sure that they will also be happy to shower. They are looking forward to a day at the beach tomorrow.

This afternoon Larr and I went to see "Saving Mr. Banks." We both really enjoyed the movie, though it was far more serious and somber than I had expected. Now I would love to read Mary Poppins, but there are no copies of the book to be had at the book stores or to be checked out from the library. It seems that everyone else beat me to it.

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