Monday, December 23, 2013

December Daily #22 ~ Over the River and Through the Woods, + December Daily #23 ~ Creative Mojo and Chirstmas Movies

Please pardon the fact that I am combining two days in one post as I am a little bit behind schedule.

Larr and Ethan have worked very hard this year and both were in serious need of a break. Larr worked through both spring break and summer break. Ethan had worked most days mid-April until about a week ago. A road trip was the very thing they needed. One of them, most likely Ethan, had come up with the idea. It got tossed around a bit, but Larr was not sure it was reasonable to go. Afterall, there was cleaning today. However, I told him that I thought they needed to go. There is always cleaning to be done. Besides, who knew when or if the opportunity to go on a road trip together would happen again any time soon. After a lot of discussion, they decided to give it a go.
They wanted to go somewhere warmer. It has been so cold around here lately. They thought about Texas or California, but that was simply too much drive time considering that they need to be back by the afternoon on Christmas Eve on Tuesday. They also considered Utah, as the desert always calls to Ethan, but they are experiencing a cold snap, too. In the end they drove down to La Cruces, New Mexico and work their way back home.

They've called each night. They are having a fine time and are seeing lots of interesting stuff. I think White Sands is the big hit, so far.

Ellie spent most of the day with Kohlton and joined in at his grandmother's holiday celebration that evening. I spent most of my day trying to get myself going on making the a few gifts, but my creative mojo was not to be had - very frustrating, indeed. I think it is that I am simply too worn out and tired from the school year. I think the last time I was this tired from work was when I was a brand new teacher.

Here's a holiday video that Ellie enjoys:


On Sunday, I was finally able to get my creative mojo working. I spent the day working on a present and watching predictable holiday movies.
I'm sure that this pictures just looks like a mess on the desk to you, but it is a welcome sight to me. I am finally getting to make one of the gifts I have been planning on for a while. If I showed any more, it would give it away.

I locked myself away in my husband's man cave, turned on the holiday movies and set to work.

Now, I need to finish that gift, meet up with a friend to finish another gift, plan Christmas dinner, do shopping for said dinner, take the dog to the dog park - well, I'd better get at it.

"Christmas with the Kranks"

"The Christmas Child"

"Holiday in Handcuffs"

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